Film Title: „The Alex Megos Formula“ - Episode 1
Client: Red Bull
Athlete: Alexander Megos
Camera: Frank Kretschmann
Photography: Frank Kretschmann
Assistant: Patrick Stieber
Edit: Franz Walter
Production : Kaletsch Medien
Music: Red Bull Content Pool

„The Alex Megos Formula“ is a film about the young professional climber Alexander Megos. The film is divided into 4 episodes which explore the „formula for success“. The audience learn about Alex Megos home and history while accompanying him in his travels around the world in search of hard climbing projects.
The film tries to prove the existence of the „formula“ through exploring the original theories of physics (Momentum, Friction etc ).
Using analogies from physics, every episode brings the viewer closer to Alex, through different angels and themes. This search for the „formula“ ends with the conclusion that Alex is more than simply the sum of his individual strengths or accomplishments.
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